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Project SC1 Automotive Suspension

Leader: Dr D Cole email: djc13

Project Type: Standard
Project Category: Design
Prerequisites: None
Timing: Fridays 9-11am plus afternoons, and Tuesdays 11-1pm


This project involves the design of automotive suspension components for a Formula Student race car. Tasks include conceptual, embodiment and detail design, all performed individually. The project should appeal to students interested in mechanical design and automotive engineering.



Lectures will be given on automotive suspension systems and mechanical design. Demonstrators will be available at other timetabled sessions to discuss individual design work. Students work individually, but discussion of ideas will be encouraged. Work takes place in the Dyson Centre in week 1, and in the DPO during weeks 2-4.


Week 1: Review existing design solutions. Identify the key design requirements, constraints and functions. Generate and evaluate design solutions and select one for embodiment/detail design. Write a short report.

Week 2: Perform design calculations and refine the design solution. Select standard parts. Write a short report.

Week 3: Select component geometries, materials and manufacturing processes. Optimise the design to satisfy the objective and constraints. Prepare a design arrangement drawing and parts list.

Week 4: Prepare dimensioned and toleranced detail drawings of selected components. Prepare manufacturing instructions. Write final report.


Format: Submission Date - Marks

Interim report 1: Thursday 18 May 2017 - 15 marks

Interim report 2: Thursday 25 May 2017 - 15 marks

Final report: 4pm Friday 9 June 2017 - 50 marks

Last updated: September 2016