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The UROP is now closed for 2020. Projects will be available again in Spring 2021.

Application Restrictions EPSRC funded Projects
The UROP is designed to support undergraduates studying at the University of Cambridge who are going to return for at least one more year of undergraduate study.
Final Year undergraduates and Postgraduate students should not apply.

For projects that are EPSRC funded and marked with the blue flag,  European Union citizens ONLY students must meet certain criteria to apply.

( See LINK for criteria )

For EPSRC funded projects, students should be in the middle years of a first degree within EPSRC's technological remit.

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++++++++++ DUMMY PROJECT DESCRIPTION +++++++++++++


Contact:Lead Supervisor: Dr.Zuess Secret Lab
Project Available

Project Description:

Setting the world to rights.

Please apply to Contact/Lead Supervisor.

This project will be co-supervised by Professor Bob Dillon Cavendish Lab

Working 10 weeks over the summer

Insertion Date: 1 February 2016

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