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UROP Projects 2019

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Application Restrictions EPSRC funded Projects
The UROP projects are only available to Undergraduates studying at the University of Cambridge who are going to return for at least one more year of undergraduate study.
Final Year undergraduates and Postgraduate students cannot apply.

For projects that are EPSRC funded and marked with the blue flag,  European Union citizens ONLY students must meet certain criteria to apply.

( See LINK for criteria )

For EPSRC funded projects, students should be in the middle years of a first degree within EPSRC's technological remit and they should be EU citizens.

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Ms Vicky Houghton

Inflatable Biogas domes for Nepal

Lead Supervisor: Dr John Orr, Department of Engineering
Project Available

 European Union citizens ONLY EPSRC criteria may apply CLICK HERE for criteria

Fixed spherical dome biogas reactors are popular in Nepal and are used to generate gas for cooking. They are a crucial source of energy. Currently they limited in size to about 3 metres total in diameter at the base. To add to this, the method of construction involves using soil as formwork for the unreinforced concrete dome, which is a very time consuming process.

Dr Orr has worked with Dr Fulford to produce a new design that uses an inflatable mould for the concrete dome - potentially greatly simplifying the process of construction and allowing larger domes to be made. This would increase capacity, and expand the potential for this energy source across Nepal.

This UROP project will work with the team to finalise the design based on feedback from contractors in Nepal. We hope to fabricate a mould in the UK, and take it to Nepal as a training exercise. Once we have skilled local workers, they will be able to fabricate dome formwork without our assistance. If funding and timing can be arranged, this project will coincide with a trip to Nepal.

A paper on the topic, written by a 4th year student, was published in 2015. Please see PDF here

  • For this project you must have an understanding of concrete technology. Experience in shell analysis would be advantageous. Knowledge of fabric membrane analysis would be advantageous.
  • The project timing is currently flexible, but should funding be received from DfID (Department for International Development) we will be required to move quickly.
  • Once a student has been selected, an application will be made for the EPSRC Vacation Bursary for funding. This will cover 8 weeks of student time. The remaining 2 weeks will come from DfID funding (see above) or from Dr Orr.
  • The UROP may be suitable to continue as a 4th Year Project.
  • The project is being co-supervised by David Fulford from Kingdom Bioenergy and Anh Tranh from University of Coventry.
  • Please apply to Contact/Lead Supervisor.

  • Insertion Date: 29 October 2018

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    Contact:Lead Supervisor: Dr.Zuess Secret Lab
    Project Available

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    Setting the world to rights.

    Please apply to Contact/Lead Supervisor.

    This project will be co-supervised by Professor Bob Dillon Cavendish Lab

    Working 10 weeks over the summer

    Insertion Date: 1 February 2016

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